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With a huge range of cooked meats and delicious freshly prepared pies, George Bower is the perfect place for you to come the next time you want a tasty but easy meal.


Whether you just want a small pork pie snack, a family steak pie or you want some sliced roast meat for a sandwich, you will have come to the right place if you visit us.

Are you looking for a truly delicious pie for tea?

  • Steak pies

  • Game pies

  • Chicken pies

  • Pork Pies

  • Pork pie

  • Scotch Pies

  • Venison pie

Freshly prepared pies and cooked meats including:

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Ordering is not always necessary, we're fully stocked!

  • Potted meat

  • Cooked tripe

  • Beef gravy

  • Chicken stock

  • Game stock

  • Venison stock