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George Bowers is the ideal place for all your Game Meat Products, whether it is for Sunday roast or your Christmas bird-if you are looking for something new, we offer a full range of Wild Game unrivalled in Edinburgh as well as a range of homemade game pies.


Packed and hand prepared direct from own game larder.

Free Range, Wild and organic

George Bower is your local source for game products of all varieties, including:  

Game Varieties

For all the game and pheasant you can eat, please call

0131 332 3469

Ordering is not always necessary, we're fully stocked!

  • Venison

  • Pheasant

  • Rabbit

  • Hare

  • Mallard

  • Partridge

  • Guinea fowl

  • Pigeon

  • Quail

  • Wood cock

  • Snipe

  • Widgeon

  • Teal

  • Grouse

  • Squirel